Minimising and understanding your risk maximises your ability to succeed.


Red Flagging Financial Risk

As part of our Risk Advisory service we provide a “Red Flag” financial risk assessment service. We utilise risk based review methodology in considering both financial and non-financial information, industry benchmarks and Key performance indicators to determine if there are any signs of financial concern present within your business. Equally, consideration needs to be given to understanding and monitoring the financial viability of your key partners, suppliers and providers.

The inability of organisations to identify key risks and successfully manage those risk can lead to the erosion of owner or stakeholder wealth and resources, reputation and brand loyalty.

By understanding your organisation, its business environment, strategies and objectives, governance and critical processes we can assist you to;

Identify those key risks to your organisation,

Understand the potential impact those risks could have on your organisation if they arise,

Implement strategies to monitor and mitigate those risks as practicable as possible and in a cost effective manner,

Assign clear accountability for the internal risk management process,

Identify opportunities to enhance the organisations’ performance,

Strengthen the governance processes.